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AIdemocracy.com now means that if you have a dream it can be reality as long as you and yours make suitable connections with digital cooperation networks that Antonio Guterres is asking for monthly good news from the likes of Melinda Gates and Jack Ma:

2000 YOmoon races round sdgs on earth digitalcooperation.org www girls & boys -

YOhoNO: imagine joyful race 4000 times moore comstech 2030 vs 1946

as long as AIDemocracy.com : NO moore walls Berlin, EU or usa


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welcome to womenuni.com with updates at that was the week that was reprting during the first 1461.world days of trump rules the waves

and at lists of @obamauni with special thanks to quarterbilliongirls - 10 years of research with students from bangladesh china amd wherever stuident unions trusted yes you can

 The Economist’s 33 year debate on future of education www and sustainability of being human 1986 began

with Consider Japan1962 and 1967 for which the commander of the British Empire was awarded in Britian and the

Emperors Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Bars was  awarded from Japan- this led to www tech back from future value of youth dbetaes:

 1972    the NEXT 40 YEARS   Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976; the latter was translated for Europe by Romano Prodi

 americans were asked to celebrate the strat of their 3rd century by recalling that from 1860 Queen Victoria has designated the main

global purpose of the english Language as reconciling the conflicts the colonial era had caused - see how singapore's mahbubani discussed the

absurd traagedy of all but destroying livelihoods of the half of the world's people living around the south and east asia coatsal belts

 1977 survey China Asian Pacific Century 1975-2075  1977 survey of Two Billion People- Asia

Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong  & 20 countries East of Iran

a celebration of The Valley as a benchmark for the future of everywhere can be seen in 1982 1982 why not Silicon Valley for all


which brings us The 2025 Report on the 3 billion community-gronded livelihoods that milennials would need wisdom of elders 

in mediating tech changes in education and finance c 


chapter 21  chapter 1

chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 

chapter 14  chapter 15 chapter16  chapter 17

 chapter 18 chapter 19

chapter 5 


brand chartering - how brand leaders learn living scripts with eiu

independent books

Biography of von neumann

the new vikings

sumshades in october

the london capital market




vote for female supercities and events- ie  know sustainability goals wont happen unless women's real and digital cooperation are valued as much as men


brandscotland.net list @obamauni    normanmacrae.net 40 years of surveys loving each other nations entrepreneurial communities and webs:

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#theeconomist james wilson startup the economist 1843: diaspora nation can mediate end empire


twitter links to jack ma damo academy with maYun digitalcooperation,org of AI and HumanI

Yo2000 moon race on earth

1984 book sustainability will depend on 2000 moon races- can you web one?


mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you're alumn and valuetrue.com youth sustainability


90% of loveq world needs new currency metrics of transparency trust loveq valuetrue.com

#BR2 #TheEconomist

South Asia Belt Road where quarter of girls world's livelihoods sustain us all www.womenuni.com


who's innovating edu around china's half billion under 30s


who in west agrees best news of last 70 years is how many daughters and sons have started up


4000 moore tech www.tenmoore.com cant sustain us without moore green


Freeing peoples communications- curriculum how huawei freed china, bell freed canada & USA


economics of learning and livelihoods win-win when loveq thy neighbors


books i didnt learn everything i needed from -did you?


why africa must be top 13 belt road http://valuetrue.com/id206.html


20 years search : what community action learning curricula do superstars need to be alumni of


linkin usa most humanAI digitalcooperation supercity womenuni


last mile community health world record job creation www.dashboarduni.com


loveq - love is where our homepage searches to be


WEF calls IT IR4 what do you call www.tenmoore.com


education inseparable 21st c sustainable economies - how kids & teachers ask AI to train them


www.bri.school index to lists @obamauni -map top 13 trading coastal Belts & Continent Roads






not US news of 7 no trumps




every student can gain from friending students in AI and much moore


a top 13 girls world trade map of www.bri.school




make learning and jobs great again www.quaterbilliongirls.com

what 7 transformation to education are needed ny 2025 (1 2) if every next girl born is to have a fair chnace at living life to the fullest?

fortunately people like jack ma in his -and the united nations-  dream of becoming the greatest livelihood educator ever has given us 7 clues-

can you help clarify these clues- or compare 7 wonders of other worldwide favorite educators who value youth as the sdg generation

loveq  - when the days of colonial empire mastered over education it only had one predominant bureaucratic metric for valuing girls and boys- by age 11 this who didnt maximise IQ left school or were sent to second class schools

in some post coilonial coutries emotional literacy (aka EQ) has started ti be argied to be a metric that must be mazimised with iq at least of teachers and thise who measure school performance and dish out funds- but jack ma argues for a third metric- this one should involve cooperation (education communally) beyond measuring individuals- lets see how far loveq resonates with the bigget innovation panel of jack ma's class of 2018-2-19 - the un's digital coopertaion panel www.digitalcooperation.org 1 2 3 alibabauni.com

if every community thrived round arts and other joys of social participation, what celebrations would superstars hepd youth and teachers linkin

eg music sing for hope

arts walnut paint

sports bleu circ

spirituan consciousness like maharishi or damo 

 one day of week assigned to sdg community building instead of chasing paper money

which of these and more can be celebrated at  

 what are the greatest cases of education for the disadavnataged and how can we all learn ftrom this - eg new tech researching sensors in everything is showing that where a sensor can help augment a damaged sense - eg the blind can now be given the same sort of sight robots use - MIT research shows people with a digitally augmented sense often become supercfreative because their other senses are sharper- eg think of the late great stephen hawkins- who turned lack of muscles into one of the greatest brains of his genetaion -or think or girls from muslim village bangladesh who turned being pooerest and their previously most culturally abused communities into 20+ opsolutions to many of the sustainability world's deepest communiy crises which integrated into leapfrog soluition such as the bottom billion's mopst empowering bank www.bkash.com

 what are the missingor ten times more affoirdable curricula of edication -the four languiages which every milennial needs m ost - chiense english mot7her tongue and coding - finacial literacy where the most relevant 3rd grade curiciula al;fatoun originated in an indian orphanage and now stars in 100 copunyries; ai in primary schools and other flip the classroom opportunities where the teacher nmeeds to be fatyser learner and the kids the quizamakers - see learnkingweb.net - eg girls adolesecent health has been argued by the lancet to be one of the most cvaulable missing curicula whioch needs to be designed by [eer to peer mopde- both leveraging digital safety permissions and forming girl safe community clubs


 which will be the greatest peace and sdg leadership forum of each next yera- and how can leaders ideas be turned into learning modules that milions of gteacxhers and stuidents mooc- can there be a partnersgiups of global university of poverty- whose alumni are the eladers of the dg generation anbd wbhere studnets are bnever put in dept by co-desoignig curricla of shared economioes what can tech mapped back from the future of 2025- jack already puts 15 billion dollars into the damo worldwide acadmy of partners- what will girls do with ai, with big dasta small platforms, with g5 as everyt thing interacts with every m,obile human,
 which purspoes of markets need to be  most differemnt if market leadership is designed to maximise small-medium enterprose livelihoods and sdg zones uniting the world trade routes such as those being mapped as youth best oppoortunities to Belt Road Imagine- already jack ma has demonstarted 2 types of cluses- many clountries have asked him to provide one day masterclasses to 3000 people on everythibg he already inviets youth to do with e- clue 2 jack ma has said he has explored what to do with e-finance and e-commerce but this limits him to which market sectpr purposes he can help youth change- he sees his series of olympics sponsorship helping stage changes to the happiues markets of all such as health, ecology, peace ,arts for all...



100% girls change education

35 years ago we started dialogues as to why half of millennial girls and boys would the unemployable unless we celebrate livelihood skills that classrooms cannot examine - we now have lots of solutions to replicate but we also made a mistake. Girls suffer even more than boys from failing to change education because communities as well as livelihoods are being destroyed by over standardised education- join 100% girls club to start replicating solutions girls need to thrive and lead sustainability generation's 17 goals across 13 Belt Roads 

can technologists & servant leaders empower the world's poorest women to develop nations worth trading with?
welcome Goals 1 & 5 worldwide youth journalists-  cyberCHINAcenter.com & womenuni.com inspired by 
10 years of 
NormanMacrae Family Foundation research of leapfrog models built by tech and worlds poorest women rsvp case study Q&A bkash & ant finance summer 2018-  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  linkedin UNwomens

with special thanks to adam smith scholars Glasgow U, Sir Fazle Abed, Japan Embassy Dhaka and the editorial team of journal of Social Business 
-check out next meetups at EconomistDiary.com

If you want the most exciting case in world for banking bottom billion you interview jack ma and sir fazle abed at same time as to why jack ma invested in brac's www.bkash.com as the financial core of the world's largest ngo partnership which is also the world's largest network for scaling poorest womens livelihood education = relevant for jack from sept 2019... 
and critical to the half of world's people connected by south and east asia coastal belts is  if india's nilekani is to achieve his dreams for health and education through AI and big data analysis of billion person digital identity - see book rebooting india. 

WOMENUNI CASE 3 Education Belt Road
The most important missing leadership forum for digital sustainability's education revolution which should meet off camera is the E5 - presidents of china india japan korea and singapore 

VALUETRUE.com Map Jobs-rich education as 21st C economy on every belt road

DigitalCooperation- Sustainability Youth World Trade Flight Map
DigitalCooperation- Sustainability Youth World Trade Flight Map
13 Belt Roads &TUPU
Case 1 learning from world's largest livelihood educator and cashless banker
#BR2 South Asia's Coastal Belt
Will USA lose First 100 Nations of Sustainability Status?
#BR1 East of China &
Do you know the 10 most disastrous mistakes macroeconomists can make
universe of world record jobs and sustainability
#BR0 why leaders plan for china gdp double usa by 2030 whatever trump does
@BR6 #TheEconomist do americans want to save humans from extinction?
#BR10 latin america
news blockchain & edu belt road
stories developing for new uni alibabauni and arcticuni ...
#BR5 @TheEconomist West Europe
#br3 #theeconomist russia what if america's politicians and media wasted last third of century
9* Sir Fazle Abed
Prince Charles
Can Artificials win-win with human Intelligences
 LoveQ -what?
youth's tech glossary to 2023 (2000 times moore e- than 1946)
sustainability2019-2020- linkin 1000 times moore rising suns with japan
50 shades of green
Mapping Sustainabililty WWW 1946-2030
 G20 China Hangzhou
Yunus top 10 concepts - what to learn, what not to copy?
 Community z.wen
education's 3 greatest jobs creators
Do you know how to map world trade routes?
How about Soros & Francis & Kim if your politicians ban ending poverty with Asian Girl Power
The Future History of Social Business Since 1976
how does conscious capitalism relate to valuetrue exchange
VT & collaboration entrepreneur revolution of micrifranchies and bottom-up value chain mapping
VT and the compound risks of unseen wealth
The Economist & Bangladesh - VT & 1976's 2 great calls for wholeplanet redesign of 21st C systems :
3 most important metrics of pro-youth economics: goodwill, sustainability, transparency
Book Introduction to economics of youth
chris macrae linkedin
old grameen.tv
old grameeneconomics.com
old yunusworld.com
UNwomens - 10 years of leapfroging - bangladesh paradise lost?
#BR0 China & #TheEconomist
#BR9 Africa #theeconomist economistafrica.com
#BR3 Russia #BR4 East Europe #TheEconomist
#BR7 Middle East #TheEconomist
#BR11 Arctic Belt Road
Will Americans lost First 100 Sustainability Nations Status

2016 map of CyberChinaCenter.com during year 1 of 17 SDG launch

 Dhaka goals 1-5 - bottom billion womens empowerment marketing 2.1 eg bkash and wise founding laureate brac's sir fazle abed Hangzhou G20, Jack Ma's e-youth
 Beijing- TUPU, Z-wen, AIIB; wise-21stc edu  -leading women ed researchers : 1 Ying Lowrey AliResearch/Tsinghua; 2 Jin Chi Girls Early to teen edu - Beijing Normal, Brookings,Unesco - 21stC learning 3 Jialing Han 1, 4 Song Qinghua Shining Stone Open Space Tech 1 2 -wise alumni Gloria Ai   Jingfang Hao CDRF, Tong-Zing   -more Geneva WEF UNCTAD ITU sustainaility-WTO, sustainabilityWHO

 what could this flight path lool like by the end of student year 2018-2019 after 100 nations leaders have mapped belt road cooperation strategies beijing april 2019, luxembourg has listened to 100 development bankers delegation aiib june 2019, geneva has issued digitalcooperation report 1 2 3 



The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation was established by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on 12 July 2018.


The scale, spread and speed of change brought about by digital technology is unprecedented, and the current means and levels of international cooperation are unequal to the challenge. Digital technologies make a significant contribution to the realisation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and cut uniquely across international boundaries, policy silos and professional domains. Cooperation across domains and across borders is therefore critical to realizing the full social and economic potential of digital technologies, mitigating the risks they pose, and curtailing any unintended consequences.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres — As a global community, we face questions about security, equity, and human rights in a digital age. We need greater cooperation to tackle these challenges and mitigate risksThe High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation was convened by the UN Secretary-General to advance proposals to strengthen cooperation in the digital space among Governments, the private sector, civil society, international organizations, academia, the technical community and other relevant stakeholders.

The Panel is expected to raise awareness about the transformative impact of digital technologies across society and the economy, and contribute to the broader public debate on how to ensure a safe and inclusive digital future for all, taking into account relevant human rights norms.

Panel Members

 DC0 Guterres


Panel members

  • DC5 Mohammed Al Gergawi (UAE), Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, UAE
  • DC6 Yuichiro Anzai (Japan), Senior Advisor and Director of Center for Science Information Analysis, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  • Nikolai Astrup (Norway), Minister of International Development, Norway
  • Vinton Cerf (USA), Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
  • Fadi Chehadé (USA), Partner at ABRY Partners
  • DC8 Sophie Soowon Eom (Republic of Korea), Founder of Adriel AI and Solidware
  • Isabel Guerrero Pulgar (Chile), Director, IMAGO Global Grassroots and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Marina Kaljurand (Estonia), Chair of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace
  • Bogolo Kenewendo (Botswana), Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Botswana
  • Marina Kolesnik (Russian Federation), senior executive, entrepreneur and WEF Young Global Leader
  • Doris Leuthard (Switzerland), Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, Switzerland
  • Cathy Mulligan (United Kingdom), Visiting Research Fellow Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency
  • DC9 Akaliza Keza Ntwari (Rwanda), ICT advocate and entrepreneur
  • Edson Prestes (Brazil), Professor, Institute of Informatics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Kira Radinsky (Israel), Director of Data Science, eBay
  • DC10 Nanjira Sambuli (Kenya), Digital Equality Advocacy Manager, World Wide Web Foundation
  • Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah (Australia), Secretary General, CIVICUS
  • DC11 Jean Tirole (France), Chairman of the Toulouse School of Economics and the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

The deliberations of the Panel will be supported by a small secretariat, co-led by:

  • DC3 Amandeep Singh Gill (India), Executive Director, Secretariat of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (ex officio)
  • DC4 Jovan Kurbalija, (Serbia), Executive Director, Secretariat of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (ex officio)
 Dhaka         Hangzhou  DC2 Jack Ma
 Kenya Mpesa Ihub UNbaitat 2020 report DC10 Malaysia EWTP 17 Penang Mayor now head Unhabitat        Seattle DC1 Melinda Gates
 Rwanda Africa's EWTP and PIH meta-hub DC9Ecuador- quito 2017 UNGA female head 18-19         
     Tokyo MAolympics20 DC6 Japan G20 in 2019      
      UAE DC5 youth expo2020     UNGa16-17
           Serbia DC4
 Shanghai Import18 NewDev Bank          Lichtenstein Blockchian law
 SantaClara com100 Paris climate Olympics 2024 DC11        Korea AIIB017 OLympics18 Moon Jae-In DC8 Luxembourg AIIB019
 Beijing olympics 22qatar wise 16 fifa2022         India DC3 Amandeep Gill Nilekani aiib018  Geneva DC0 WEF UNCTAD ITU sdg-wto sdg-who





While all 12 mother earth labs have a role to play,  sustainability will be won or lost mainly by 3 labs linking in as china's neighbors/alis  1 2 3 4

for all female students we suggest #BR2 womens lab (eg curricula of fazle abed, nilekanigandhi ) and #BR1 (eg MaOlympicsMahbubani, Softbank, Taiwan Dispora eg Jerry Yang, pods at slack) where open ai-human I will be co-created iwth china are where sustainability will be won or lost

other labs could lose the world but whether its moot are motivated to build on women empowerment or to celebrate big data small leapfroging the way labs 2 and 1 will  

of couyrse we invite youth to linkin everywhere and especially #BR12 UN to be the borderless soutions space for all 1 \7 goals

also noteworth is the arctc lab- probably this will determin most of all whether mother earth decides our species is the next dodo


BRI.school: imagineer 4000+more tech mobilised by peoples out of #BR0 China, #BR2 S Asia, #BR1 Mynamar & Asean, #BR11 Arctic Circle, #BR9 Africa #BR8 med refugee sea nations #BR7 Mid East #BR5 w.europe  #BR10 LatinAM #BR6 N America #BR3 Russia #BR4 E.Europe BR12=BRUN

Photo of Macrae Chris chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Macrae Chris chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
author co=publisher worldrecordjobs
norman macrae foundation


.help map 50 SHADES OF GREEN
normanmacrae.net discussion of year 50 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk its taken 50 years to get to sort map of sdg races- if fun RSVP 

i’m reminded http://www.cluetrain.com 1999 american dream real media- clearly we lost www.beyond-branding.com www.brandchartering.com but now lets research www girls dreams & link to purpose sdg value chain partners
Linkedin UNwomens
youth journalistsforhumanity

sdG17 questions:
1 jack ma unctad youth envoy fintech networks alipay/ant finance (china) abangladesh banking for poorest girls, why has unctad department published: The Rise, Fall of Global Microcredit: Development, debt disillusion
2 can university in switzerland partners james grant public school of health in dhaka at brac university and helps WHO learn from this benchmark for womens rural health service, and 40 year grassroots learning curve?
2 most exciting new book this year : rebooting india by nilekani -anyone discussing this?
4 change value chain of sporting suoerstars is youth urgent worldwide movements- historically swiss banking blocked this - switzerland’s have new commitment especially as tokyo olympics needs transparency to muster turning point for millennials relations between the 2 koreas, japan and china (and maybe Russia)

Norman Macrae Family Foundation www.normanmacrae.net seek partners publish The World Record Book of Jobs Creators in Chinese and English. Father, Norman Macrae, was The Economist’s end poverty sub-editor second half of 20thC he joyfully focused 2 main storylines. Help citizens & villagers celebrate each other’s countries develop win-win trade reversing over four centuries of colonisation. Celebrate sustainability of every community in era round which Norman hypothesised a Moores Laws of doubling communications technology impacts on all societies every 7 years 1946 to 2030. As our 1984 book The 2025 Report mapped, human development’s last 14 years of changing education & financial systems around sustainability goals 1000+ to 4000+ times more tech than 1946 - NOW is the most exciting time to be alive. Will you all find an orbit out of frisk exponential scenarios of Orwell and Einstein? How China rejoins the world with a fifth of human brains is core (1977). Among 15+ neighbors, three deeply detailed networking compasses set examples that 13 major Belt Road trading routes from East to West, South to North, and Arctic circle may mix and match trust-flows from. 
- Across China South Asia, half world’s people’s sustainability and poverty-ending solutions are urgently needed. Look eg at www.WorldRecordJobs.com solutions around Sir Fazle Abed Womens Community Empowerment with fintech www.bkash.com and Nilekani’s Billion person digital ID for India. 

- North and West of China people live on half of Euraasia’s land- often landlocked and isolated. How will overland grids be shared; will Arctic Circle belt nations determine climate solution or destruction. 
- East of China’s coastal belt linkin huge success stories of win-win world trade but will Japan, China and Korea integrate new technologies of peace as well as youth “cultures for all” celebrations.

Big data small cooperation critical not just for sustainability trade but interfacing more machines than humans connecting G5+ mobile. HiAi must not separate Human and Artificial Intelligences. Klaus Schwab WEF triad of Industrial Revolution 4 hubs in Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco needs invented here open source everywhere. Teenagers to cheer on as classroom community builders, golden age of friendships to be millennials sisterhood of womankind- Ma’s Loveq not just IQ EQ, Countdown Class years to sustainability 2030, we are at one o'clock rock -last 12 annual cycles, The Guterres requested report on digital cooperation from Jack Ma and Melinda Gates et al in March 2019 will be critical as will 100+ national leaders Belt Road commitments to youth livelihoods in April 2019 and new development banking summits AIIB Luxembourg June 2019 to challenge June 2018’s finding at UNGA that 300 trillion dollars of most liquid western assets do not yet see sdg economics zones as investment grade. www.EconomistDiary.com chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk linkedin Unwomens Whats App Washington DC 1 240 316 8157 



oct 2017 ali baba announces 15 billion dollar investment in the worldwide academy 

 damo- over here we wonder how all the wizard technologists of industrial revolution 4 will value communities girts need

The Quotient of Love -jack ma
has talked about focusing his time from 2020 on such girls happinees markets as
communiy arts/sports for all, education , health and safety services green-

we hope that the process of tokyo g20 aug 2018 to july 2019 will provide opportunities to open spaces between
wizard tech of iindustrial revolution 4 and female community builders of the main happiness sectors

2018 year of girls coding 

audrey wrote -- Hey Chris! I spoke at the Future of Youth Conference in Hangzhou a few weeks ago and other panels in Shanghai. I agree - the future is in China and I'd love to go back and form stronger relationships and partnership opportunities!

bravo audrey

your work is outstanding

Moringa School – Moringa School

https://moringaschool.com/ Welcome to Moringa School. Moringa School is a world-class software developer accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our goal is to build human capacity
by training people of varied technical ability in a holistic way; we focus on both technical proficiency and personal growth, meaning that graduates are effective learners ...

apart from one day understanding where coding schools intersect with jack ma, i gather the founder of arnold fu of www.hujiang.com  in shanghai is one of the most massive elearning trainer in the world- i wish one of us could get to know him , dont mind whom

thorkil creates million jobs for youth with autism - round the world he knows which tech companies connect with his networks ; i dont know if they have parallel interests in girls who code- he has a hi level trip to beijing scheduled for spring

why dont we make a joint list of who we'd all like to visit and reasons why there could be joint win-wins ...loosely form an association of people who want girls to have opportunities to code -  a few of us know sir fazle abed whose life -and ngo brac with close to 100000 educators empowered girls to build bangladesh but i think his education systems still needs to crack coding

al is doing girls that code at early teens as one of his newer programs for 2018 out of baltimore where his community is the original black girls social justice  movement - he has various tech genii advising him including jayfus but i dont think they are as streamlined as your network in kenya

ed knows every completely open elearning resource at www.worldpossible.org - he's been supporting south sudan since 1970s and has some partners in kenya

the education summit network wise which brings 10000 alumni starting with girls empowerment networks from bangladesh stages 2 pivotal summits in 2018 - the first is in accra in may to celebrate africa's nearly free university movements and the second is with gutterres at the UN  -the bios of active chinese wise alumni is here -there must be a way to get through to anyone if enough of us make the case



when wise staged an event in beijing its main hero from kenya was shannon may the founder of bridges international - while she scales education for poor children in africa more than anyone i dont know if she's already got that great a curriculum at coding

i am sure some people here  have much tighter ideas than mine -please share

happy xmas chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157

changing education  womenuni.com  



incidentally at the same youth summit at world bank audrey spoke at al's good friend in baltimore leana wen keynoted on heath services- al already runs a headstart school and fortunately some of the chinese who are leading artificial intelligence in the classroom are also passionate about headstart to i hope they will have time to visit baltimore when they are next in dc 

WOMENUNI.com merger with Chinacybercenter.com- why we found alumni of the greatest workers (eg tech leaders like Jack Ma, girls empowerment conectirs like sir fazle abed) in each field needed each other

if you have concerns rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com 


US case study - can baltimore as 1880 origin of black female social justice movements win a partnership with amazon or ali baba?


 brookings debate on what amazon searched through 100 cities for its 2nd hq and baltimore's reaons for being in the race were inspiring



4 years of searching baltimore with chinese graduates who have jack ma's exploratory mindset have led us to trust 2 people very deeply in baltimore:
   minister dr al hathaway Union Baptist Church and dr jayfus doswell Juxtopia  with extra reporting from amychina.net and 50 years of entrepreneurial revolution mediation started The Economist 1968 - join our 20 Economist co-blogs out of diferent hemisphere and skils groups  (health, arts ... )

dr al hatahaway wears 3 social innovation hats - social justiice baptist communities whose alumni include thurgood marshall and whom the pope personally prays for, conscious property, education systems from headstart to college

dr jayfus doswell trains black americans to be supercoders and his juice hubs connect many world class research competitions

I hope you can chat with each other to see if there any synergies- even if baltimore doesnt win there's a lot from amazon process that any youth friendly devlopment city could learn from -even though focus on one second city HQ2 is very different from alibaba 15 bn dollar damo academy outreach to 20 cities: 4 on each continent

sincerely chris macrae bethesda 240 316 815

innovations sustainability generation urgently  needs are going to be led by citizens of 1 to 25 million who also take care of rural areas in their region; regions like europe and usa are suddenly very weak on youth sustainability because they are ruled top-down instead of local governors of job creation- china is the benchmark 1 billion person nation prepared to empower regions from bottom up - in different ways the place partnership  next jobs searchs of aliibaba and amazon lead tech platforms of big data analysed to sustain communities and girl empowerment- 3 years of studying ali baba convinces us of its sustainability youth model worldwide - amazon we still need more reporting



some world record job creators with particular purpose relating to girls' empowerment and ultra challenges of sustainability goals

E1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for all) with Mrs Jinping who leads first ladies connections with such subjects as adolescent girls health, hiv, renewing arts as cross-cultural spirit of sustainable communities   

E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls to resolve poverty's greatest challenges, BRAC & Bkash)  

E3 Jack Ma leapfrog tech (big data small), ecommerce curriculum as one of china's 4 greatest inventions 1 -IR4  can develop 10 times bigger people-centred economics)  E98 Gandhi & Montessori & Mandela,  E4 Nilekani (bridges to English as 2nd most valuable language in world Modi, Kalam, Singh) 

W1 Tim Berners Lee (the www , we havent seen it yet- human collaboration can be so much bigger, bridge to any mit lab with human app) W2 Jim Kim being healthcare most courageous public servant lads to being the sanest western voice in world banking and most peace-loving North Korean American; ; W3 Pope Francis and W99 Pope John Paul; W4 Justin Trudeau ,  W9 Team ted turner including jimmy carter, Rosa Parks lawyer (Tuskegee's  Booker T-W), and michelle bachelet, W12 Guterres, W13 Steven Shriver and Ban Ki-Moon, W14 Chris Patten, W15 Bangla-Americans including Quadir Brothers and Sal Khan, W16 Harrison Owen & Open Space storytelling alumni, E9 Muhammad Yunus, W99 Florence Nightingale (inc crick institute eg Paul Nurse) and Alexander Fleming and John Hopkins;  W95 Baltimore's founding daughters of social justice UB net including alumn Thurgood Marshall; W19 Thorkil Sonne, E21 Richard Liu JD w20 founder tesla w21 jeff bezos e22 founder of serve china. W23 Joi Ito, W24 Rosalind Picard  e23 amma.   -youth entreprenurs eva vertes, audrey cheng ...



world's biggest maths error: western macroeconomic devalues how mothers invest in families

and reduces three halves of the world to less than 10% voice on futures to spend our lives connecting -

fortunately China (eg through annual G20 , EWTP (E-hub), One Belt One road, benchmarking usperplacesd)

is inviting worldwide youth to maximise MAO's valuation: women hold up half the sky. Why not Redesig

market channels around SMEs: 

download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -search out greatest #learinggeneration

thanks hangzhou in happiest collaboration opportunities ever played


Help www.womenuni.com and supercity.university and cyberCHINAcenter.com benchmark best for world cities – best at collaborating; in greatest need

MAO: WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY -pilot cybercenter newsletter spring 2017

 BELT B1 G1 G2: Breaking News : Beijing's greatest futures forum 14 May 2017

For America to be worldwide youth’s benchmark for happiness and freedom
Baltimore 2025 must come of Age NOW! as:
The East Coast’s San Francisco
America’s Hangzhou - #1 in Social World Trade

Girl's world Digital Bangladesh 

































































































































Celebrating community arts 1 2



















Women hold up half sky- social justice



















Women valued as innovators of sustainability



















CyberChinaCenter- IR4 sme global village markets



















Square mile guide to human futures of industry



















United we (youth-parents-grandparents) go green



















POP - Appreciate poor who do most of hardest work



















Extinction- or valuing under 30s as sustain-gen



















Affordable English & Chinese as 2 of 4 global literacies



















If 10 times more affordable health not possible why did we spend 1000 X more commns tech versus 1946?



















100$ graduate degree for thise whose serve place to age 30




















We have always been our coast’s trading port for enterprise
-not its property-port (manhattan), nor its army’s or polician’s port
Since 1881 (25 year ahead of gandhi's parallel rebirth) we are America's social justice epicentre of
13th amendment end slavery built around 4 black girls faith
and legal interventions played out in DC less than an hour away
(15 minutes when we become connected by a super train)
Its true our trades were one of the big losers of industrial revolution 1
-that’s why we want to be where youth action learn industrial revolution 4
We will be the most affordable place to learn anything IR4 girls
need to empower greatness of self and of families:
OUR  21stC ABC Sustaining Open Learning Economies
A) Accelerate social solutions from east to west south to north
B) Enterprise lifelong relationships with sustainability generation
C) Open Education: Our collaboration promise to greatest #learning generation
1.1Affordable meta-hub for action learning community builiding:
1.2 The English language Happiness Freedom’s soul of the SuperCapital region
2 SocialTech’s affordable city of code?
2.1 Leader in fashion and sporting apparel, street arts and cultures-partner under armor
2.2 Leader in affordable community health –partner Hopkins
2.3 Epicentre of Nature’s greatest freshwatershed..

Our world's most valuable question. Will this be a good place for girls to live in? I used to value the question around families but the last 10 years of research which started in bangladesh clarified that sustainability deepest solutions require girls empowerment




NY ford foundation/un habitat/ goal 11--- march 2017


china capitalism is designed around this- probably because of 3 timing accidents - 1) how digital companies had 14 years 1994-2008 before they were licensed and  in taking responsibility for sustainability goals of the half of the world that live within 3000 mielsd oif beijing, china discovered that most sustainability goals are collaboration goals and that tao capitalism is much safer than wall strret capitalism, and anyhow elders in china rely in family as main social safety net not public servants


bangladesh since 1972

the hope but not yet the rule of a continent-wide latin dialogue while north america was racing to the moon


we need your stories dont know other places which came to value thios question most except one city west baltimore since 1881


so west baltimore invites any city with a future to join in benchmarking 136 yeras experience

but especially urgent if you know of any brilliant coder who values thois question most please ask them to contact jayfus or jose if they want to check out baltimore's world class cybercenter e-hubs


if what you want tio check out is: can baltimore be relied on as a number 1 social justice city - ask king otr all about what 4 black girls liberated in 1881- all social justice case law in usa roots back here- there will be major celebrations this summer with the reopening of these girls most famous alumn thurgood marshall to be social justice latitude and lon gitude zeero


thanks chris ......................................................................................................................  

womenuni.com -why 2010s as world's most exciting decade depends on women networksbatimore-dc regiuon 240316 8157 





Accelerator E-hub China G20 SME Free Markets

bracnet.world record jobs nets   


special thanks to Brookings - way ahead of any other famous western economics institute in valuing girls education and womens livelihoods -unless you know better rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com


  - Breaking New Year Curricula of Humanity: Kissinger Renews Ping Pong Diplomacy Year 45

follow the opportunity and risks of the connecetd world's 2 biigesdt decision-makers:

www.xi-trump.com during the last 1461 days that we have a choice which way investing in sustainability generation goes www.1461.world  

link together www.supercity.university

celebrate changing dismal media with www.jackmatv.com and www.leapfrogtv.news 


can you help us link open learning resources of how women/families create jobs and mediate all the deepest communty worlds of humanity's 17 sustainability goals? - we recommend worldwide youth (teachers, parents, public servants) start by understanding 4 job creating ideas the east has developed in just over 40 most exciting years on planet earth...


click pic below to download special issue celebrating 15 years of microcreditsummit sampled to 2500 delegates of world summit spain 2011

thanks also to adam smith scholars at glasgow university for testing what academics understood of "health societies develop strong economies not vice versa" -help the entrepreneurial revolution 45 year search for social unnovation models at www.socialbusiness.tv  

from bangladesh - how women built health,education, community finance, abd millions of jobs and families starting with absolutely nothing in 1972  

coming soon- how china's quarter biullion girls aged under 30 are their elders main social security to what is possible out of every community- lets hope Xi Jinping and Jack Ma G20 invitations made at Hangzhou 2016 linkin every teacher and girl entrepreneur that open elearning can possibly celebrate

  1. educationiseconomy

    • 9 months ago
    search #learninggeneration: http://www.economistuniversity.com http://jobenomics.com : 2016 is 45th year of bangladesh's village mothers race to end poverty ...
  2. oschina

    • 1 year ago
    Community Building Networks of Open Space China and Brooklyn by Amy http://www.amychina.net.





  • 1 year ago
quarterbilliongirls.com searches out wonderful news from cuba - first nation to end transmission of hi



during industrial revolution, three halves of world, those born: women, poor, youth had less than 10% voice over their future- can post-industrial revolution change that?

leapfrog models bangladesh (POP -tech Preferential Option Poor) 

value of mobile telcoms to those who never had landline 

value of microsolar to those not on electricity grid

value of cashless banking to "unbanked" 

leapfrog models china:

return every shopping channel to maximum value of small entreprises -taobao ali baba

return digital fimace (community development) to small enterprises - alipay and ant finance ...

-peaceful trade across hemisphere of nations and collaboration race around renewable resources 

  1. The Collaboration Cafe

    • 8 years ago
    Rachel McCullough-Sanden, Spencer Chiimbwe, and Christopher Macrae are organizers of the Collaboration Cafe in New York ...
  2. #LearningGeneration big question- can we return purpose of education to youth's livelihoods not teachers unions and not certificate monopolies of big universities (students debt traps) 

if 1% of money consumed by ameican educators was spent on opening up khan academy to 17 missing on-demand curricula, would you demand a k-12 curicula for each of 17 sustainability goals (many friends prefer to call them collaboration goals if these are the purposes united humanity most needs to work on) rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

 why isnt green usa k-12 as popular as school sports? we have wonderul world class nature resources to make the world's colaboration labs including Cheseapake Bay world's largest fresh watershed within an hour of congress - the bbc could hace celebrated green world service in cuch a way that it became china's favorite content swap


  1. bbcroseyunus

    • 7 years ago
    bbc oceans broadcster paul rose muhammad yunus ashden awards royal geographical society solar grameen bangladesh.
  2. Bangla5000

    • 5 videos
    Are you one of the worldwide 5000's most energetic collaboration agents for what microcredit and micro-everything originated in ...
  3. Eco-diving with Paul Rose

    • 5 years ago
    Oonas Divers and Red Sea Diving Safari are excited to share our latest video with BBC presenter Paul Rose



1461 days to chnange the world- see why future history's economists and blockchainmapmakers urge massive collaboiration know between all peoples and nations valuing sustainability and womens liveliuhoods 

Saint James, London - 175 years ago Scot James Wilson (statistician,small businesdsdman and studnet of adam smith) founded The Economist to publicly question the industrial world's bigest decision makers- were they aiming to progress humanity by ending poverty and improving next generation livelihoods- here are some of the future hostories publiushed by The Economist from 1972- the year we firs visited the uk national devcelopment project for computer assisted elarning and sdaw student networks changing education's world possible 


 exercise  from publishers of  WRJC (World Record Job Creation),  rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com:  if quarterbilliongirls could edit some of the open source learning at AliBabaUni.com - what maximum 5 minute learning module would you start with? (linkedin UNwomens)


between 1950 and 1989 western mass media became the most anti-social in the world -eg youth heroes were replaced from those who sustained future of communities (collaborationcafe.tv) to celebrities who were sexy or sporty but otherwise had less understanding of society than almost anyone- worse the value chain of sports ended up with 99% of value in less than 1% of sportsworkers hands - so real community sports training became a very precarious way to earn a living, and note how fifa's so caled non-profit became a house of red cards and swiss banking, would any world class sport change back to sustaining community sports? universityofstars.tv

human sustainability has always depended on designing the web as smarterst open learning emdia - dont assume that any virtual media is social just because it claims to be- unless its empowering how much of your time you get more jobs-skillful, its not going to sustain you or yours - and we cant imagine a more anti-social dynamics

the most controversial of all of mass media's quizmakers was muhammad yunus - he got the questiosn the west eneded to ask right but the answers wrong in spite of being one of the greate heroes of womens empowerment back in the times that bangladeshi vilages had no elecetricity and so no masive media at at all apart from grassrooots networking trust which girls build community around

  1. Showing results for commissioner jack ma Search instead for commisoner jack ma
  2. Alibaba Group Founder and Commissioner, Jack Ma, Shares His Thoughts on the #LearningGeneration

    • 4 months ago
    Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba Group and an Education Commission Commissioner, shares his thoughts on why L-Q is most ...
  3. Jack Ma in Conversation with The Education Commission

    • 11 months ago
    Founder and Executive Chairman Alibaba Group and Commissioner Jack Ma sits down with The International Commission on ...

help the half of our human race aged under 30 co-edit womens star logs - eg at linkin unwomens , universityofstarsamychina macrae.tv or at bracnet ning (if you need a free membership text usa 240 316 8157)

worldyouthcommunity: parallel universe of pro-youth universities includes - catholicuni.com kimuniversity.com .... 

 www.womenuni.com     under 30s  captains log us-asia enterprise april 2016

related note also worth trawling what 1776 dc hub female co-founder says and what bedy yang founder 0f 500 women says

related question are you three meeting while naila is mainly locally located in april (if so with or without jayfus or me or others)

realted question to naila- before amy and mostofa visit to brac headquarters is number 1 women to trust connecting? is there any other female in dhaka amy should be visiting? (eg the leader of your telecentre for acid victims?); also is there a kenyan connection between rutos www.joywo.org and youths ihub? 



women wonders of  sustainability -news sampler

Jessica Livingston, cofounder of the venerated startup incubator Y Combinator, gave an interesting interview this week on some of the problems female founders continue to face in the tech world and how this is changing.


from mit review https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601200/y-combinators-cofounder-talks-about-the-challenges-of-being-a-female-entrepreneur/#/set/id/601201/

Speaking with Fortune, Livingston said that the biggest issue female founders are encountering is fund-raising, as most venture-capital investors continue to be men (in another recent pieceFortune reported that women make up less than 6 percent of people making investment decisions at venture firms in the U.S.). Lots of female founders say they’re being ignored while investors pay attention to their male cofounders, she said. Perhaps this is starting to change a bit, though, because as she also pointed out, in Y Combinator’s last two classes, startups with female founders had the two biggest Series A funding rounds.

Livingston said that 25 percent of Y Combinator’s most recent class of startups had one or more female founders on their teams (up from 4 percent in 2011); her goal, not surprisingly, is to increase this figure to 50 percent. One way she’s working on this is by holding the Female Founders Conference, which began in 2014 and gives advice to women interested in starting their own tech companies.

less than 6%

Percentage of people making investment decisions at U.S. venture capital firms who are women.

As for specific women she’s rooting for, Livingston mentioned Tracy Young, the CEO and a cofounder of a startup called PlanGrid, which makes cloud-based software for viewing construction plans, saying that company has the biggest valuation of any Y Combinator graduating company that is headed up by a woman.

(Read more: Fortune“Female Coders Are ‘More Competent’ Than Males, According to a New Study”)


8 wonders of job creating economics - women, community-generators, direct conscious helath care, worldwide under30s cloud computing collab apps, business ministries, dc-baltimore role as worldwide supercity,  conscious real estate, veterans milennials peace corps



women4empowerment  -- myeconomics invites you to vote on top of POPs

jargon: MYEconomist - design systems whose purpose  is to exponentially increase (not crash) sustainabile livelihoods of those not yet connected to electricity, education or other smart communcations infrastructures

POP= Preferential Option POOR 

Inspired by next generation goodwill, and end poverty alumni of The Economist, Japan, Bangladesh, Rome and since 2012 the world bank, womenuni.com is 

your destination web for young professional hackathons collaborating around Preferential Option Poor


next hackathon - school in a tablet with friends from alumni of satellite learning network including yazmi and  dispoora hubs inclusdng iospaces silver spring, our goal is

to stage the first hackathon in the washingtion dc region in time to celebrate

worldwide hackathons of school in a tablet in Peru (world bank pop meetings) and Dubai in October, and through Africa Ihubs whenever they wish and before the end of the year in china and west coast US spaces


tell us if you can help isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com   dc mobile 240 316 8157 macrae family linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/unwomens


The Economist alumni include remebrance parties of norman macrae

mayfair boardoom

japanese embassy in dhaka

with south africa free university partners 

and so forth - norman celebrated how student elarnikng networks could change the

world when he first saw them in 1972- his fieldlbook for satellite

learning to connect sustainability deadliens was first published in 1984. 









  • yunusgates


    Entrepreneurial Revolution http://erworld.tv Last Lunch .. Norman Macrae , the 

WomenUni.com in association with


Women extract from https://share.coursera.org/wiki/index.php/Women

I'm guilty; i have always found new york a most exciting city; but this year there's a really useful reason- watch out for which leading ladies of sustainability emerge from the ashes of unsustainable UN 1945-2014 or hack the world bank wit Jim Kim 1 2; or take over POP on 5 billion peoples elearning satellite on life sustaining curricula such as mobile womens banking or water

Is anyone doing more than Kenya and Joyful women 

  • Mandela Uni
  • Yunus Uni
  • Clinto Uni
  • Obama Uni

    WomenUni.com is a Norman Macrae foundation (end-poverty economists) project - good news from 20th year of women empower 
    -can we free training contents on how women livelihoods sustain the world (voice 1990 less than 1%) up to 50%? recommendation choose which women jobs-microfranchisers to mooc with first and make sure content is distributed on asia and africa's 5 billion person elearning satellite

    womenuni.com This is roughly what we understand needs to come first in celebrating curriculum of POP (Preferential Option Poorest) In an ideal world we would have already demonstrated the simplicity of the 5 billion person elearning satellite channel so that we could have been trusted by now so the sources at origin could edit this in every local context


    Population statistics show that Youth's 3A's Asia Africa and Americas (South Central) are where millennials most need to be valued if sustainability and end poverty are to be productive goals of #2030now and #2015now

    Unfortunately the segment of old and rich who make most money by extracting and externalising are leaving nothing sustainable for youth, These old rich lurk in all the NW territories which culturally ordered new world citizens mother tongues and faiths

     And doubling today's geopolitical  tragedies, these old rich typically lurk at the top of decision-making power on what used to make sense as democracy and legislature until mass television turned almost every politician into a partisan soundbite instead of a public servant


    Across much of the worlds of South and East  1945-1970 saw a long overdue rush by nations' peoples to claim independence and so the development need to empower practices of community-grounded entrepreneurship. 

    It is now possible to see that the deepest development thinking on sustainable public servant system design  came in the late 1960s out of South Americas particularly Peru and Columbia. This has been called Preferential Option Poor (POP) : see book In in the company of poor - Google Search- its dna appears to have been a modern rendering of what Saint Francis (Franciscan monks and Order of Clare Nuns) first started to network in 1208 out of Asisi.

    Fortunately the Brazilian version of this public service trust creed was applied to teaching by Paulo Freire 

    Moreover this (together with neighboring examples of Gandhi Montessori) inspired two Bangladeshi Muslim entrepreneurs of grassroots empowerment (trained out of Glasgow and Van Der Bilt at the time of black american liberation). The compass of their experimental lab for regenerating humanity was the bottom up independence of rural villages that had been excluded from every kind of infrastructure necessary for being productive in industrial age . Their networks which started in 1972 a year after that nation's independence evolved in under a decade around the greatest undervalued communal human resource the world has ever seen - te livelihoods of poorest village mothers. By 1978 Soros, who was later to be first investor in mobilising bangladesh 2,1 from 1996, started investing in South African Black youth - today all of that joyful convergence links in round The Mandela Extranet, Celebrating this among Nobel Peace Laureates was postponed in 2014 due to a riw between china and the Dalai Lama but can yet be staged out of Atlanta Nov 2015 as a pen-ultimate event in 2015 millennilas suatainabililty summit year (Climate being billed as the ultimate celebration Paris December 2015)


    It seems that it took another decade before a practice professional started applying the scaling of PoP in the Americas. Paul Farmer may have been the most trusted youth entrepreneur ever- and is certainly health service partnering's most extraordinary agent. Originally from MA and FL his teenage enthusiasm started adopting Haiti as the most inspiring place to serve, and studying the anthropology of POP. From 1982-1987 he commuted between Haiti where he was developing a rural health lab and Harvard where he was taking his medical degree. On accomplishing this in 1987 he invited like minded youthful POP spirits to join him in Partners in Health. This is were JIm Kim joined up. The next 25 years of development of the global social value of Partners in Health is the most exciting case of public health service developed ever open sourced. Unlike such rushed post world war 2 cases as UK National Health Service, this service had to be built from nothing other than the love of medical networkers. There was never going to be a next generation in haiti or peru or rwanda capable of bailing out the debts of designing an unsustainable health service. So Paul's partners in health needed to build replicable and sustainable community microfranchises -what they call beyond aid to accompaniment of  the Poor

      25 years into scaling Partners in Health with epic service innovations like ending outbreaks of MultiDrug Resistant Tuberculosis and its fueling of HIV,  Jim Kim was asked to head the World Bank to see which other practice professionals and millennial alumni he could inspire with the POP model of sustainability and end structural poverty. A year later the second Pope in living memory to be inspired by POP, started his crusade to help youth and public servant leaders liberate the poor. The prior example being how Pope John Paul 2 had helped liberate his region especially Poland around 1979.

    In 2014 Ebola appeared, and exponential risks of failing to value the basics of a healthy human species dawned all over the world  at the same time. Peoples started asking Kim and Farmer to accelerate investments in spreading community capacity through every scaleable empowerrnent channel that a digital world can now be celebrating whilst grounded in real local practice. 

    2015 has been billed as the greatest year of summits celebrating sustainability millennials. If this is to move beyond dreams (and Public Relations) to empowered reality then we need to beam to people of the world simultaneous social action good news of the curricula of POP empowerment practice by practice -

    and so celebrate its validations through empowering global social value of any professional practice worthy of youth's collaborative knowledge networking and  joyfully energised lifetimes

    Help us list which world class practitioners of POP youth need to search out and link to 2015now


    Health - the cases of Paul farmer from 1982-7

    Health as a basis of pre-digital networking and "microcredit" to end poverty BRAC (and grameen)

    Mobile technology to empower women to network missing infrastructures -investment, communications of life-saving knowhow, clea energy ... since 1996 currently mapped by women4empowerment

    Public service's whole truths - those that translate into their own culture the POP demonstrations heroically mediated by Pope John Paul 2 and Pope Francis, and potentially Nobel Peace Laureates who youth ambassadorial summits Rome organises annually

    which and where else?

    Beyond 2015: Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s “We need to put the child student where she belongs, at the centre of the learning process, where she can harness her skills and look forward to a prosperous adulthood.”
    This can be the guiding force when we think of our way forward from the MDG goals. Whether we set new goals, improve upon the ones we have, or simply find a replacement for the MDGs, ensuring quality education (whether it is vocational or formal) for all is the first step to a poverty-free world.  - See more Dhaka Tribune

    Breaking sept 2014 how to connect all global womens project UN ; if the free nursing college program isnt the most collaborative program all women leaders projecrs could connect what is? 

    Where do you finBread any good news on the future of the univesrity?


    Opening august 2014 -

    world bank Open learning campus -

    congratulations notes from girl empowering networks around the world

    - 1 brac grameen 3 rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to vote

     W4E31 GirlUp.org  For anyone concerned with sustainability of the
    planet, or the responsibility of media, the most depressing consequence
    of The West's second half of the 20th C was how three halves of the
    world's population - women, youth, poorest - were exponentially
    excluded from designing the future. The legacy of TheTed Turner
    (eg GS2 UNFoundation) family seeks to change that. Their generosity
     has just completed the final installment of a billion dollar gifting so that millennials can restructure the UN's future impact (W4E3). Help build
    the legacy of CNN's founding family by co-creating the best news
    on the future of women. Bring the bottom-up network GirlUp.org to a place your family can help regenerate.
    W4E32 Nike Foundation Girl Effect
    W4E33 SingforHope
    W4E34 The Hunger Project
    W4E35 10ThousandGirl W4E36 1millionwomen.com.au 
    other good news from usa on open source world spins
    round boston milllennials 
    BOM1 berners lee
    BOM2 mit every students an entrepreneur
    BOM21 MIT100k
    BOM3 mit media lab -open source wizard entrepreneurs and new commons
    BOM30 Negroponte $100 Laptop
    BOM31 Joi Ito
    BOM32 reclaim our learning
    BOM4 MIT open education movement
    BIM41 OLA
    BOM5 Legatum
    BO51 Legatum millennials and fans
    BOM52 networks of cashless bankingtechnolgists
    BOM53 innovations journal
    BOM6 partners in health/brigham womens hospital BOM61 value chain networks clubinspired by pih and world bank millenials
    BOM62 ypchronic
    BOM63 GFH
    BOM64 Haiti training hospital - connector of neraly free nursing college
    BOSF1 Kiva and puddle
    BOSF2 Khan Academy
    BOSF3 Coursera segment interested in Open Learning Campus 


    my resources -grandad -his last friend;

    his bequest world record book of jobcreators

    Thanks to Naila Chowdhury 1 2  3  4   5   6   7  8   9

    rsvp isabella @unacknowledgedgiant.com 
    eg goodwill compounds economically and socially when 
    a community's 3 most trusted people are 
    teacher, banker and medic 

    provided at least 2 are women 


    Fashion4Development celebrates sir fazle abed  of BRAC at the business un opening week for linking in womens empowerment ever 

    Recognized and feted worldwide for its achievements , the sheer numbers of its outreach are staggering and boggles the mind.

    How many people does it help ? Well, currently 135 million; that’s almost half the population of the United States. It employs nearly One Hundred Thousand community workers.

     You all might wonder how much money does it lend  ?hold your breath…

    Well – it’s cumulative disbursement of micro loans stands at;  Ten Billion US Dollars !!

     How many children does it educate ?

    Well ; it runs The Largest private secular education system in the world – with 38,000 schools worldwide !

     Where is it ?

    It has put to the test it’s motto “ Think local – acting global” with reference to his vision spawned in Bangladesh by spreading it’s anti-poverty solutions to 12 developing countries worldwide.

     Now – who are we talking about here ? Yes non other than Founder  of BRAC, one of the greatest visionary Leader- Sir Fazle Hasan Abed 

    Good Womens Jobs Value Chains our alumni are changing

    Fashions, superstars upd W4E/F4D - videos 1  2  3 

    Telecentres and elearning and msectors (how sector changes when societies have mobile info access)  

    Satyagraha 1- mediating future generation of peace & economics not peace or economics 

    Clean energy and food security (1)

    Health 1 

    Futures co-created by mobile billionnaires and satellite media owners

    Open education especially in : maternal and infant healthcare

    Throughout Africa with supporters of nanocredit,USADBC summits and VEMaharishi Institute

    Throughout Asia due to our founder Naila C being first female director of GrameenPhone 1996 responsible for partnership with women villager economics and wellbeing 

    Womens community banking and youth investment banking especially open society tech wizards and pro-orphan banking

    Professions for job creation and sustainability of global village planet 

           W4E1 women4empowerment.org.
             Led by Naila Chowdhury - first female director of Grameen Phone (Y10): experiments in mobilising poorest village mothers started in Bangladesh in 1996. After 15 years work with Dr Yunus, she came to Washington DC to action good news of urgently valuable solution networks that mobile empowers women to entrepreneur. These include telecentres for acid victims, and translating Africa's nanocredit (AM3) networks across the 4 hemispheres of women empowerment. W4E linksin to New York's First Ladies summit Fashion4Development (W4E2) - designed to transform responsibility of the global fashion/garment sector. Annual celebrations include superstars and media editors who wish to live as ambassadors for womens' or childrens' rights to job create.  Help W4E and F4D map emergence of wonderful Twin Sister networks. Examples range from the human eg Girl-Up (W4E31), to hi-tech eg ITU (W4E41) of renowned Mali technologist Hamadoun Toure.
               W4E11 Acid Victims Telecentres W4E12 Jewelry for Responsibility
            W4E2 Fashion4development.com
             Leads worldwide womens partnerships in changing value chain of fashions and superstars. The legendary economist, Maynard Keynes, would be proud of First Ladies who now mediate an end to all the illwill caused by those who externalise market risks. Acting as the most informed customers, they are best placed to demand that the world's most famous haute couture designers want their global reputations to be judged by how much they collaborate so that garment workers all over the world have safe livelihoods networked round the freedom to prosper from hard work and the joy of being respected as a maker of goods.
               W4E21 The League of Gentlemen
            W4E3 YN4U Does the future capitalism of New York need to be about walled streets and maddening avenues, or could Nations be United for 7 billion of you and us? Yes WE Can unite the human race to poverty museums #2030now (K1) - provided we enjoy how post-2015 millennials' goals and womens empowerment can just do it (see Nike Foundation's Girl Effect W4E32). F4D's high visibility increases through an annual summit during UN's opening week of year, and through continuous action and knowhow networking. With W4E, first ladies can also face up with what philanthropy billionaire owners of mobile can empower. Parallel NY circles include SingforHope of Monica Yunus (W4E33) and The Global Poverty project (K2)- one of millennials popular social movements of #2030now  which Korea’s coolest citizen and Gangnam stylist, The World Bank's Jim Kim joyfully cheerleads, See the selfie concluding this World Bank and UN co-presentation http://live.worldbank.org/millennials-endpoverty-2030
    AFM1 Samara
    Unlike the $100 laptop as the first product launch of the MIT media lab, Noah Samara pioneered the early 1990s launch of an African satellite with a continent-wide frequency reserved for life critical information in parallel with 2 other worldspace satellites for Asia and America. He experimented with satellite radio which turned out to be unsustainable as a life-changing information network for Africans but a highly portable medium in USA. Nearly 20 years later his company yazmi.com is converging all resources on satellite empowered learning ( expected tablet price $50  for built in satellite use and access to all the world's most job creating open edu
    AFM2 Jamii Bora
    AFM3 IHUB/Ushahidi
    AFM4 MPESA/Safari
    AFM5 Nanocredit
    AFM6 USADBC - diaspora association benchmarking african food security value chains

    Other chapters of World Record Book on Job Creation include: K1 Kim’s YouthWorldBanking, GS1 George Soros help connect bottom-up billanthropists

    Greatest Jobs Creators Sustaining Women

    rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgaint.com


    Women4empowerment& fashion4development help UN and first women choose sectors women can change most including



    Womens apps promoted by mobile's billionaires

    *Bibi Russell Mother of Bangladesh Fashion supermodels who now employs 35000 weavers

    Evie Evangelou has taken UN's ashion4Development to new level

    Naila Chowdhury first female director of grameenphone- - unrivalled knowhow of what mobile women empowerments are possible

    Cassandra Seidenfeld - Italy's first F4D lauteate

    Mrs Houre wife of ITU Geneva's association valuing purpose of satellite and mobile technolgy




    Associated Universityofstars search :

    Singforhope by Monica Yunus


    Radical by

    IFC calims $800 mn investent in women entrepreneurs...

    Who's influencing womens rights or investment at world bank?

    Listing by order of search of experts at world bank live as at 1 July 2014


    rights tunisia Amira Yahyaoui 

    one of the most influential Arab women- Arabian Business Magazine


    Gender & The Economy - World Bank Live

     Cherie Blair

    Founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
    Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer GE
    Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ooredoo Group

    Open Forum: Gender — Getting to Equal | World Bank Live

     global community submitted more than 276 ideas to solve this global challenge and 30,000 people participated online during a one month period. webcast debate hosted by CNN International's Hala Gorani with  experts including (former) World Bank President Zoellick, Nike Foundation Founder and CEO - Maria Eitel.  


    What Will It Take to Achieve Both Healthy Children and ...

    President, World Bank Group

    Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Finance Minister Nigeria 

    Some other selections:



    if you have time to look at this video you can see the work that naila chowdhury (who's coming up to her 3rd year living in Washington DC region after 15 years serving yunus at grameen phone as first female director)  is in the middle of - the way this network works is to steal all the first ladies gathered during clinton global /un opening week of year onto one common responsibility platform , and from last yera to launch a league of gentleman too (which branson sometimes walks across too)

    in effect WE (WomensEmpowement) changes every media and so sector's economics (or social valuation); what this video doesnt show is the other half of what happens when womens empowerment take nanocredit to mobile billionnaires or those who own satellites for development

    since tebabu's ethiopian friend (silver spring neighbor) mr samara owns africa's main common frequency satellite on behalf of elearning this can be a time to choose what training content we really want women students to lead with; I guess soemone at MIT media lab wil be interested in this- if someone you know at umd too  then great!


    chris macrae 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc  http://womenuni.com/

     To media revolutionaries like our friend and Ghandian reconciliation agent colin morley - founder of empowerment illustrared who died London 7/7 2005

    Associate uni webs of journalists for humanity include universityofstars

    Favorite universities : Maharishi S. Africa Imagine a nation that


    invites the world to come and partner it in exploring job creating education - what would you hope to see? virtually free universities for every entrepreneur who makes more jobs than she takes;  empowerment programs for orphans or other fresher students whose childhoods have lost their confidences in self; peer to peer action learning experience- the most valuable mix of real and digital action learning networks; missing courses of job creating extended back to age 8 for all (14 million) children 

    2014 US Diary Valuing Women Most - october singforhope ny; world bank youth summit DC; september F4D NY; WSIE NY; 27 september Atlanta

    Help us survey the most collaborative womens networks of the 2010s -thanks chris.macrae2yahoo.co.uk Norman Macrae Foundation for Youth and Female Capitalism and Open Education networks


    womens banking led - BRACGrameen  - bankers for orphans led : Jamii Bora   breaking june 2014 film of Anne Dunham:Obama's mother and co-fonder of womenswoldbanking

    womens opinion leader led- women4empowerment.orgFashion4Development.com

    media and superstar transformation led - singforhope.org 

    green-led legacy of Wangaari Maathai 

     action networks of nobel womens peace laureates connected by eg Mairead Maguire  Meet the Laureates:  Mairead Maguire Ireland;  Rigoberta Menchú Tum Guatemala:  Jody Williams USA ; Shirin Ebadi Iran; Leymah Gbowee Liberia;Tawakkol Karman Yemen  ; Wangari Maathai - See more at: http://nobelwomensinitiative.org/meet-the-laureates/#sthash.pVOXUMmb.dpuf

    education-led City Montessori School - 

    coming meta-projects 2014-2015 : Atlanta Twin Capital of Billion Job Creation and Youth Nobel Millennium Goals - female chief host (Laura Turner Seydel)


    Norman Macrae Family Foundation usa 301 881 1655- enjoys helping people develop content for 9 year olds up on social business system design & Job Creation made famous by Bangaldeshi microcredits since 1976;
    We Create What We Want.
    We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there. 
    We achieve what we want to achieve. 
    We accept that poverty is part of human destiny. It’s not!
    We believe we can create a poverty-free world. 
    We need to invent ways to change our perspective.
    We can reconfigure our world if we can reconfigure our mindset. . 
    Social business will be a new kind of business, making a difference in the world.
    Human beings are a wonderful creation embodied with limitless human qualities and capabilities. 
    Entrepreneurs are not one-dimensional human beings, dedicated to maximizing profit. 
    They are multi-dimensional: political, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental.
    The desire to do great things for the world can be a powerful driving force
    Young people dream about creating a perfect world of their own.
    Social business will give them a challenge to make a difference by using their creative talent. 
    Let us join hands to unleash our energy and creativity. 
    Collectively, we can create a poverty-free world.” 
    Source : http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2006/yunus-lecture-en.html
     we also try to record history's conflicts from the people's view before mass media deletes the inter-generation learning that peace could have mapped as we go from a nation state age to what ever 21st Century will sustainably or unsustainably spin 
    Please ask your parents to contact my dad chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if your parents or sisters and brothers can help my mission. Simple way to help -
    host a cafe debate 1 2 on why we 12 year-olds need is celebrations of change agents - thank you obama thank you for using your
    09 presidential awards to celebrate 16 humans worth communing around : Yunus & 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 -but why no FA 
    what's the most wondrous google you can ask us to put here - eg girl power
    Isabella writes: I officially started teenager networking, in search of hi-trust banks and other community sustaining stuff -  on Valentines Day 2010 though we started sponsoring micropublishing of world citizen guides including the first worldiwde directory of entrepreneurial hubs in 2007 and my grandad helped host a luncheon party the day after with dr yunus the day after my birthday in 2008 and an all day day-after- 69th birthday party with dr yunus in dhaka on 29 june 29 help us turn Yunus 69th birthday report into living document - wow a club for schools teaching microcrdit 




    Our favorite explanation of Entrepreneur in the 215 years since French and Scots started mediating egalite, liberte, fraternite: she who makes more jobs than she takes Nobel Dr Yunus, Launching Social Business Future of Capitalism 2007. What will be Youth and Yunus favorite definition in 2015?


    Which 10 Massive Collaboration Projects of Women4Empowerment 1 2 3 4 5 interest you most

     2015 - The First 20 Years of Massively Mobilising  Open Collaborations of Women Empowerment

    Friends of W4E are at the crossroads of all womensempowerment possibilities of the mobile and community networking age because its female founder helped Dr Yunus train Bangladeshi village women in using mobiles from the getgo (1996 being the first time that any massive experiments in how the world's poorest mothers valued mobile connectivity began thanks to the social fiction leadership of Muhammad Yunus and the open society lending empowerment of George Soros). The world's most exciting innovations are coming from twin partnerships setting up creative labs between those in the villages with the greatest problems known to humanity and organisational leaders with the greatest resources

    Here are 10 projects that W4E is experimenting with that I have heard of - but I'd love to hear your favorite ten as new collaboration ides are emerging every day as Atlanta discovers how many of the 25000 greatest job creating youth turn out to be women

    1 abused womens telecentre businesses

    2 championing total reformation of the responsibility of the fashion industry so that never again are 1000 women seamstresses killed by a rotten building collapsing on tem

    3 proof-testing end to end dispora models - ie those that redesign value around the local craftsperson and celebrate the maximum value of this produce in high society - jewelry is making an extremely interesting value chain for diasporas to completely redesign round family producers

    4 experimenting with massive collaboration networking of days when thousands of people get a free healthcheck - as part of the race to innovate the Nearly Free Nursing College (see action networking postcard below) 

    5 working out how to partner with the 2 million youth creative arts peace-building projects of Monica Yunus' www.singforhope.org

    6 hosting youth and future designer debates on how women leaders who love orphans have connected : the most used financial literacy program in primary schools (100 countries Aflatoun). the greatest youth-run microcredit (Kenya's Jamii Bora 1 2) - whats possible next 

     7 the role of women in celbrating prizes for green energy entrepreneurial revolution - which can yet be womens greatest job creating and community helath and safety liberator of all time


    8 to 10 coming soon 






      Transcript of Yunus Science Fiction CNN 15 November 2013 references http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4kU97gXWj0




    MUHAMMAD YUNUS the world - what it should be  - is all about imagination

    if we imagine today what kind of world we want, then that kind of world is what we will create

    everybody has the freedom to imagine in his or her own way


    my imagination is we want to create a world that will be absolutely free from poverty -meaning that will be no poor person on this planet anywhere in this world'' 

    and once we create that, we can create poverty museums, so that people who would like to know what is it hat used to be called poverty, how did it happen? - so they will go into poverty museums, they will take their children to poverty museums that's the kind of world I'd like


    and that's the kind of world where there will be no unemployment , and when you tell people there  used to be unemployment, there was a big crisis, a lot of young  people were unemployed,  and people will say what is unemployment: why should anyone be unemployed? they have the capacity

    why should one human being unemployed? what does it mean? they will be writing thesis to understand what is unemploymen?, why did it happen in those past days?

    and nobody should be on welfare, why state has to take care of people because human being has everything inside, how come we couldn't provide the facilities so you can bring those capacities and contribute to the world 

    then we would want to create a world where there  would be no unnecessary deaths

    we are proud of technology and our knowledge- simple thing why do people die of preventable diseases- those diseases should be gone

    -and we will not make this planet  more dangerous than it was before, everyday we will make it more safe than it was yesterday ... continued

    18 November 2013, Road to Atlanta Week 1, of Yunus Creative Lab INC USA, Could womenuni.com be a subproject of atlanta's next 2 years as favorite future capital of youth and yunus ? by chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 
     - washington dc hotline for multi-win models of youth economics and future capitalism 301 881 1655 -related reference : Friends of CNN Heroine/Hero wiki
    Firstly happy to give domain name to anyone who most thinks it could
    Secondly Atlanta's newest billionnaire sarah blakely was on 60 minutes last night with buffett and gates saying she is part of the billionnaires 50+% of whose wealth is going to philanthropy. She also said my cause is helping women but I havent found my signature project yet
    I do have 2 content editing ideas that I believe a womens subnetwork of 25000 youth coming to atlanta could mobilise
    1) why not gravitate a mooc (or just a web of 9 minute max khan-ac type training modules)  of what are the greatest impacts of web and mobile as valued by women - you can both document cases already delivered an where  the women "science fiction"s as yunus calls it are linking through
    2) I am very keen on this legacy format as illustrated in the attached on Einstein; actually I dont agree with all the priority achievements listed but its a mapping format that could :
    be used for each nobel or other leader linking in the next 2 years
    it could be a format that a womens future panel edited  -perhaps monica's  naila's and sarah's networks could choose the editorial teams
    it would be even more powerful not as a static presentation but as a linkedin organiser empowering massive collaboration
    Also If Yunus Creative Labs Inc is developing a corporate and leadership services branch then the whole world of global branding purpose needs to join in womens social fiction very fast - so legacy leaders portaits the way women value them can be an unique resource for "creative" processes
    sincerely chris macrae
    ps the movie on obama's mother is nearly out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH1TW1JIVog
    - a legacy presentation of her could make an interesting female student competition across HBUs and by 2015 might be useful research for Obama to plan his own legacy


    MACRAE'S FUTURECAPITALISM challenge - does your capital want to co-create a million jobs with youth? After 40 yers of dialogues with entrepreneurial revolutionaries, its now very easy to do but only with a complete transformation of education systems and the value chains (freedoms link) they have been trapping youth in



    download legacy format - example einstein



    80 years ago, Einstein was one of first scientists to question: would the human race survive the first generation made borderless by technology? 

    Today all our communities need to face up to being more interdependent than separated. All the while: old professional monopolies rule over separation, and man's science runs the risk, as Einstein proved, of lag that is too top-down blocking holistic perspectives needed to innovate interactivity at next micro level needed to invest in our children's sustainability.

    40 years ago, dad (Norman Macrae) at The Economist and I saw 500 students sharing knowledge around an early digital network - dad spent the second half of his life arguing for an entrepreneurial revolution in economics geared to 2010s being youth's most exciting decade - almost all entrepreneurial change movements linked into 2010s connect back to leadership dialogues on entrepreneurship linked to dad's optimistic curiosity

    NOW IN 2010s,  dad's last 5 year project helped to list everry wrong turn that has made in issuing rukes of globalisation - and we have found in many many cases the antidote to spinning unsustainable systems exists in opposite choices that womens networks are testing. This web is dedicated to exploring this exciting news.........................................................

    Help us blog - how many of youth's 10000 greatest job creators will be women http://youth10000women.blogspot.com/ 

    Pro-Youth Economics: our associate Journal is passionate about  how to record legacies to youth - browse Legacy.ppt and recommend who else we need to celebrate in this format

    "BANGLADESH : GREATEST OPEN UNI OF THEM ALL". former South African First lady. Update at http://www.considerbangladesh.com/ where a strange battle is spinning between 2 superpowerful female politicians who don't seem to trust the extraordinary grassroots economic maps that over 15 million of the world's poorest Bangla women have networked as a brilliant intergenerational  contribution to humanity's most exciting goals

    30 years ago we mapped how 3 billion new jobs will come from 1 billion community jobs -defined by designing the globe so that a child can be born in any village and have a fair chance of grwowing up peacefully, helathily and maximising her own creativity; one billion green energy jobs as history shows: new sources of energy are one of the 2 dynamics that advance the human lot and it is high time that the 20th C wastage and scarcity caused by the carbon-energy value chain is replaced by the abundance of photosynthesis energy web: 1 billion jobs will come from a million times more collaboration technology than when man raced to the moon. We see no reason to change our forecasts-let's urgently challenge macroeconomists and others whose last quarter of a century has been spent ruling the world with investment policies that destroy youth's freedom to work on these 21st C opportunities.


    breaking good news: Future of University - Ning

    CONTRIBUTE TO BOOK OF MAPS TO SAVE THE WORLD.......................................................................................................................................

    maps only work bottom-up - may travel great distance but if you miss a local connection (missing or changed) you're stuffed


    collaborative -amount of data to linking and uptodate - early constructs of web (b)log and navigate- -question: how did Berners Lee purpose of www  get taken over by non-mapping terms

    HOW CAN POOREST WOMEN SAVE THE WORLD by banks that grow out of community markets and knowledge sharing hubs; that focus on value exchanges mothers can network around homes and communities; by investing in next generation


    better sources of energy are one of 2 stimuli of massive advances in the human lot ; local access to nutrition can save people both from both hunger and obesity; clean can keep water clean




    be job-creating not theoretical; gandhi's initiaitve - today we need to end education that examines - main routes to job creation are- withy more changing than staying constant we need to help youth love curiosity - financial literacy ; cross-cultural values; new zealand; jobs competitions


    be invested in 3 billion jobs- economics not of debt but of next productivity = replace command and control politicians with public servants - and end domination of mass media of old economists; by celebrate right sorts of heroes for empowering youth to be free and joyful; by prioritising living apps and co-producing most exciting millennium goals; by replacing controling violnence by cross-culturally flowing joy of peace



    navigation - map- living apps - healthcare and



    exponentials multi-win modeling transparency- conflict resolution ahead of time - goodwill as multi-win models while sustaining positive cashflow - brochure of models


     womenuni.com is a journalists for humanity project of Family Foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

    Norman Macrae Foundation www.NMfound.net http://www.worldclassbrands.tv/ http://www.nmfound.net/
    5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 N.Bethesda MD 20852
    Tel 301 881 1655 email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

     Help us maintain top 10 good news stories of where action networks multiplying womens valuetrue purposes are changing the world we need

    references to sustainability seen as exponential impact valuation modeling  valuetrue.com and trilliondollaraudit.com

     Dismal male wall street has deigned casino banks that have taken youth employment to the brink, just when the net gen could be youth's most productive time, the true story of microbanks with values is how the world's poorest women designed the greatest youth investment banks the global vilage economy needs to sustain exponetial progress to co-producing millennium goals Its womens social networks that have grounded the most exciting experiments in mobile connectivity. For example grameen one of te first to experient with village mobiles, now finds 15 yeras on that nurses networks are the living app of the 2010s. 21st century nurses are as much informationsharers as action servants. Bring down degrees of separation betwnee life critica mobile observations they can make in the most rural of places and the greatest medical experts in cities formost medical institutes and you have the greatest economic catalyst to healthcare It is women who are searching out the greatest heroes youth now need to celebrate beyond what mass media bombards them with. Go explore Monica Yunus's purpose at www.singforhope.org or Vivienne Westwood's http://www.guardian.co.uk/tedx/vivienne-westwood-fashion-climate-change at Get A Life, Vivienne Westwood www.activeresistance.co.uk/ As someone who has researched media all my life, Iargue that the BBC is n crisis becuase it diesnt understand the unique responsibility that the world's largest public broadcaster could be mediating between different types of media. Its a pity BBC trust doesnt start by actoning sorts of visions of yunus and westwood. Look at peacemakers- like many of my friends I changed some of the ways I spent my time ag=fter 9/11. In particular i got deeply networked with some Gandhi alumni nin India. I ecoundtered 2 new sources of interpersonal meaning ... more  I would argue that until we started to globalise nature valued the human species as smartest if for no other reason than being best investors in our next generation wherever naternal responsibility communed. Our species main natural competence is being destroyed by the rules of male global professionals who use the most extractive measurement algoritms to scale manmade systems which for the first time are interfering on nature's planetary scale.  Man of the West's biggest foundations and charities have either become greenwashed or lost the urgenct innovation edginess needed to be a millennium goal colaboration leader. My resarch shows the one exception is those foundations that do the most to link into girl empowerent    

    Top 10 Unknown Heroines of 2008

    mass media censors most of humanity's most meanigful stories. None more so that those connecting share of voice of the billion poorest women

     Heroine 1 Yang Peiyi 7 year old chinese girl whose voice was lip-synced to open the Olympics cos her face was judged not to be pretty enough

    Videos 1 2 3  from first unisex free uni in Johannesburg – worldwide collalboration wishes interview with founder of free university networks from valuetrue gallery  ($500 bursaries avalble for micropublishing a world citizen guide)

    how is women's knowledge saving the world rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv  if you have a story we should be helping people worldwide study and action
    coming soon transcript from our 40 minute interview of the woman who started microcredit (the record breaking tool that has given 100 million families access to ending poverty and which 100000 community networkers in Bangladesh now intrapreneur ) with the 3 men from Grameen  (whose microeconomics goodwill is multipying exponntials from banking to energy to internet for the poor,and more) - Yunus, Barua, Latifee



    Our associates offer guides such as:

    how to intern in any of the major Bangladeshi microcredit organisations

    how to connect free universities and other youth social action networks - as well as how to empower sustainable job creation in communiteis around you

    maps and open projects yunus mentors and partners

    the world's benchmark for carbon negative economies

    rumors of the most inspiring developmemts around the planet, and how to test them

    collaboration cafe across cities and to the network of anyone wanting deep knowledge exchanges with dhaka's proven community rising systems

    tours round worldcitizen.tv 16 human interest microtv affliatesm and the social action projects they are offering free advertsising for

    we wecolme Q&A and suggestions - info@worldcitizen.tv or our washington dc bureau tel 301 881 1655


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    We are proud members of the following organizations:


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    Sunday, September 28, 2014

    6:56 am edt 

    extract from main women empowerment dialogue at Clinton Global 2014

    clinton - a series of commitments in jordan  



    12:00 PM -

     1:30 PM

    Transcript extract   


    Clinton to President Bachelet-  In many ways chile is a leading example in latin america ,
    You were President of chile in 2006  and now from 2014- and you were the first leader of un women 2010-2013, whats different 2006 to 2014; and why run again -
    MB I just couldnt help it!
    in 2000 189 countries pledged millennium development goals
     - one of main goals was alleviating extreme poverty
    by 2010 sort of attained this goal as have most goals
    but  world is still falling behind
    1 in 8 still have hunger
    1.2 billion in poverty
    2 goals didnt do well were education and environment
    now in 2015 what are new objectives we need to put all together
     i think inequality remains core issue
    how we build much more inclusive not only global community but out of each country
    eg in chile my case it was new what i found in 2nd term
    because even though we have progressed a lot
    people understand progress means we need to improve in many areas like education, health, pensions
    at same time as ensuring economic growth, and to ensure wellbeing for all our citizens
    so i would say we have done well in some issues but there is so much to do
    and you were talking about jordan and syrian refugees - when we look at crises
    and conflicts around the world there are many different factors and I think this involves difficulties for societies to include -eg political inclusion, religious inclusion, social inclusion - so I think we can have peacekeeping operations and a lot of things but we need to tackle the roots and structural problems that are producing conflicts so if we want a world in peace we need to advance much more in an inclusive and just world for all (ends about 5.30)
    Clinton To King of Jordan :
     :what do you want us to know positive about jordan and the regoin
    both the good story and the challenge is 60% of jordan is under 30
    for small countries like jordan that is a ;positive thing
    young highly educated tech savvy very resilient
    jordan survived all shocks of the region because of the people
    we have opened our doors welcoming refugees as it is the right thing to do
    we're suffering but keeping lour heads above water
    positive (private public partnerships) PPPS - have invested in youth but unless we get help with burden of refugees from international community - aid accounts for 39% of help (61% comes from our own economy)- how do we give faiith  to young people
    when i say 60% is under 30the same sort of youth profile across the region
    (where youth feel abandoned)
    we need a comprehensive map across all countries in batlte between bad and good (eg isis offers young 1000 dollars a month income which in this region is a large number)
    ..we need international communities to watch our back  (11.25
    clinton if you could wave magic wand and guarantee investment in jordan what would you want most
     we have a lot of ppp opportunities - way back you advised us on alternative energy -and to  invest in ict - base for healthcare and medicine, hi tech creative industries and vocational training so what we are interested in companies interested in those innovative industries to help create jobs anduse jordan a centre especially for alternative energies to help other countries
    we went to tesla for example, to convince them because they were not interested in looking at middle east market because they thought all mid east were oil rich countries so we said look at jordan, palestine, lebanon, egypt . otther countries - invest in jordan as  be a gateway to other countries and alternative energy so creating that capability to make jordan nucleus to other countries
    we have access through ifda's to billion consumers and geographically good and bad to so many different directions  (14.10)
    clinton to michelle B - you did this un womens job and here you are first female president to do a second term , and it looks as if brazil will have a second term female president - what lessons can we draw from this (much of world thinks latin america as macho place. so what does this mean is there more room for women leadership)
    michele B: we should not misunderstand ... if you look at chile you have female president of republic , senate, trade union, 2 biggest universities - so this prevents vetoes of women though there are still a lot of macho men in latin america so not perfect world but what we have worked on economic and political and symbolic empowerment - when you see that women are able to be in very important positions and do it well - then its a model for others
    so i think in terms of how we empower women we need to see some things I have learned :
    first women still have a lot of discrimination in a lot of cultures - even in advanced countries eg there is salary discrimination (norway only counter example) violence against women all over world; one size doesnt fit all - different cultural challenges - need to continue to work
    23.oo  what would you like audience to know about inequality issue
    first I always speak to business people - doing 2 contrasting things simultaneously:  transformation structure and day to day continuity

     education reform not to lose anyone talents, improve our productivity and innovation in way
    everyone wins - when people can contribute to society ;
     change how education has been seen in our country in chile everyone has access at primary, secondary  BUT what we want is not only access
    we need quality education for all
    change paradigm behind the education model
    solve issue of money; in our country families that have money spend much more on education

    so we need equality of education , this includes tax reform - more going to education and health; access to education with high levels of quality so we dont lose anyone's contributions to the country

    more of clinton curriculum 2014 at http://clintonuni.com http://yunusuni.com 

    6:49 am edt 

    Monday, September 22, 2014

    help connect projets if global women un
    9:45 – 10:15am
    Launch of the Global Campaign for Zero Mothers Die: Introduced by
    Ms. Coumba D. Touré, Founder & President, Advanced Development for Africa Foundation;
    Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, President, Universal Doctor; and
    Dr. Véronique Inès Thouvenot, Ph.D., Co-founder & Scientific Director, Millennia2025 Foundation
    • Opening Keynote – His Excellency Mr. BAN Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations (TBC)
    • Mrs. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director, UN Women (TBC)
    • Her Excellency, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata, First Lady of Zambia (TBC)
    • Dr. Jeffery Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute at Columbia University (TBC)
    • Dr. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director, UNAIDS (TBC)
    10:15 – 10:30am
    Launch of the GSDF Fund for Africa, in support of ADA’s mission: Ms. Wan Yuhua, Chairwoman, Hong
    Kong Bawang Group
    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Development Foundation:
    • Ms. Sheri Yan, Founder & CEO, Global Sustainable Development Foundation
    • Mr. Sergio A. Fernández de Córdova, Founder and Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation
    • Mr. Phil Scanlan, Founder and Chairman, New York Global Leaders Dialogue
    • Mr. Ellis Rubinstein, President, The New York Academy of Sciences
    Establishment of the GSDF Committee to Empower Women, Chaired by:
    • Ms. Geena Davis, Founder, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
    Check presented by Ms. Wan Yuhua, Chairwoman, Hong Kong Bawang Group for ‘Connect To Learn’
    program, to support 300 girls in Africa:
    • Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and
    • Ms. Johanna Rubinstein, Director, Center for Global Health and Economic Development, The
    Earth Institute
    3:08 pm edt 

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